Coaching Technology Teams in a VUCA World


Coaching teams through their transformation and transition to higher levels of potential and performance has been a long standing passion.

It's therefore quite gratifying to see the discipline of team coaching take formal shape as a discipline and find acceptance and growth in many organizations, especially those in the extremely dynamic tech space.

I had the honour of being featured last year in the leading forum of thought leaders and practitioners, and was reflecting on the step leaps in learning we are seeing in this field.


Here's an excerpt from the introduction to the episode, and the link to the talk itself

"In this episode Krish shares his journey into team coaching building on his extensive experience leading cross-cultural and cross-functional global teams.  Krish shares stories coaching teams in the technology and customer relationship management arenas.  Some key themes explored in this episode include: team coaching in a VUCA world; learning, innovation and change in teams; design thinking and team coaching; blending the roles of consultant, facilitator, and coach; coaching presence; building leader-coach capacity within teams; appreciative inquiry; focusing on business results; experimentation in team coaching and more.

This episode is overflowing with practical insights, tips and tools that will help every new and experienced team coach take their practice to the next level!"

Hope you like what you hear !