Qua Aliter, when literally translated from the Latin,stands for  "Which Otherwise?" - two words, which beg a deeper examination of the issue at hand and provoke us to ask ourselves - how can we see this differently ? What are the ways that we can begin to change ? (For a bit of arcane, but perhaps relevant trivia, the term "Quae Aliter" appears in the Text-book of ecclesiastical history, Volume 3 pg 259 by Johann Karl Ludwig Gieseler as a commentary on the General State of the Papacy).

–Inspired by the vitality and versatility of networked organizations, Qua Aliter Associates is set up as a network of professionals, who bring complimentary skills and capabilities to the table, but stand united in their mission to help unlock individual, team and organizational potential to maximize performance.

–Key focus and expertise areas include:

  • –Strategy Consulting
  • –Sales Effectiveness
  • –Business Innovation
  • –Leadership Development
  • –Change Management
  • –Coaching & Mentoring