–As catalysts to change, Qua Aliter works through a variety of methodologies, capabilities and techniques which include


  • –Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • –Team Coaching
  • –Group Coaching


  • –Appreciative Inquiry
  • –Design Thinking
  • –Facilitated Brainstorming

–Assessment services

    • ––Thinking Preferences (Neethling Brain Instrument™)
    • –Motivations, Beliefs & Values (Hogan Assessment SystemsTM)
    • –Personality Assessment (Predictive Index Systems TM)
    • 360 Feedback and Assessment


Sales Performance & Effectiveness

Representing MHI Global (www.mhiglobal.com), world leaders in sales performance and customer experience, we are authorized sales consultants to deliver across their portfolio of offerings, including their flagship programs,
  • SPIN 2.0(TM)
  • Strategic Selling (TM)
  • Conceptual Selling (TM)
  • LAMP (Large Account Management Program) (TM)
  • Professional Selling Skills (TM)

All our customer programs are conceived and developed as thought- provoking and creative programs in partnership with clients, that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.